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About Me


I live in Brooklyn, NY – one of the best places on the planet to strive for a creative and beautiful life. My influences are Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mary Ellen Mark, Annie Leibowitz, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Berenice Abbott, to name a few.


For me, it’s not about having the best toys. It’s about the power of the eye and the hand and the magic of instinct and composition – striving for accessibility while craving aesthetics. My subjects are wide-ranging – faces on the street or in a diner, creatures who refuse to stay still, objects bathed in the light of the sun and the moment. I'll continue to travel this planet and keep a cinematic eye out for the good, the bad and the ugly…and turn it all into something beautiful.


If you’d like to contact me regarding the purchase of a print or an image for stock, I prefer initial contact via email. Please send all of your inquiries about assignments, exhibitions, contests, publications, etc to or visit my contact page for further options.


All images contained on this site are copyrighted by Bill Livingston (NYC)

All rights reserved.

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